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If they came at the request of the Federal Govt., sides would be chosen and Civil War II would be on.

I’m not optimistic that it will be that easy, or that the uprising would be sufficiently widespread and organized. And the “if” that 74 raised about the internet still being up, I think has already been decided by the current regime. They control the “switch.” We’d be as dark as China or particularly North Korea, if we had to rely on the internet.

Oh, I think pockets of resistance would certainly arise, and in some parts of the country be more successful than others. But for anyone that watched the short-lived TV series “Jericho,” I think that series is quite instructive in a number of ways. Being cut off from other areas will not allow people to coordinate on a large scale, let along nation-wide (hence my recommendations elsewhere for a small, portable, but powerful multi-band receiver). And worse perhaps, we wouldn’t even know what’s going on elsewhere. I just don’t believe that the government would allow the types of “normal” communication necessary to organize in any electronic fashion. Horseback and string telephones? (only half kidding)

But at least hopefully there would be sufficient numbers that would choose Tolik’s approach:

[I]f I can take two or three with me, I’ll have done my part .

And as suggested in the 2nd graphic in my previous post, I do like the color light blue.