I have been using the North Texas VA Health Care system since 2003. I am a positive endorser of the VA in North Texas (Dallas to the Red River on the North and to almost the Texas East state line.
Year after year I read and see many entries about VA health care in other states (also in other parts of Texas.) I thank God for the system I use.
I have 2 semi-annual checkups a year. I call a month in advance and get, most of the time, the days and times I desire. During my appointment days there is little time to fool around as after my lab appointments within a hour and a half it is time to see the doctor.
Pills: One of my VA health providers was dead serious about giving a pill for every concern I voiced. The current doctor is totally opposite.
Why do I mention the above? To me health care is getting usurped more and more every day. Using the VA system there are certain guidelines employed. This may mean you have to get a CAT scan before seeing a specialist which in turn makes waiting for help a tad long. In the Medicare world, I qualified early due to disability. I have used Medicare on certain occasions and find it just a tad messed up. There again there are few GP doctors in this county that will take Medicare patients.
The wife of a doctor friend of mine was also a MD. She stopped as soon as she paid off all her loans. She made the point that: Having two doctors in the family messed up their home time too much. The cost of running two practices was not worth the return.