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Perhaps this should go in another thread, though I don’t know where to put it. But speaking of the hospital “bombing,” I’ve had some very disturbing thoughts concerning that “incident.” First we were hearing about a bomb exploding in the hospital by those inside. And we heard that the Afghans reported Taliban had taken over the hospital, or were at least using it for refuge and/or the human shields available inside.

I spoke with a good friend still connected with Special Forces, just to make absolutely sure I wasn’t reading something into this that wasn’t there (this was while we still were being told that “Coalition” forces – US, or US-controlled – had “bombed” the Doctors Without Borders [DWB] hospital). He confirmed my belief that it would have been almost certain that a bomb hitting that hospital was being guided by a laser spot put on that hospital by someone on the ground. Often, that’s US SF personnel, but can also be locals working for and with the US military. So that raised some very uncomfortable questions – who actually did the targeting on that building, and why? It still didn’t seem plausible that we’d hit a hospital with a bomb (or several) IF we suspected patients and staff were inside, even if Taliban were holding them hostage and/or firing at US troops outside the hospital.

Then we started hearing a different narrative. DWB and others that escaped from the hospital said that NO Taliban were inside, they weren’t using them as human shields, nor were they even just outside the building firing at US personnel. The people inside the hospital heard firing not too far away from the hospital, but not on the grounds or within the walls of the building itself.

And now it’s an AC-130 gunship, not a fighter aircraft. While the firepower on an AC-130 is incredible, and CAN include a few small missiles, it would not result in “an” explosion or two. There would be no mistaking that high powered rounds of some sort were hitting that building, causing great destruction – not one or two large detonating bombs as first seemed to be reported, but an ongoing series of highly accurate hits.

[UPDATE: Now an Afghan military commander is saying, “It is possible our forces might have called for an air strike to hit the enemy position, but that doesn’t mean to go and bomb the hospital.” And our own General Campbell is saying the mistake was within the US military chain of command. What happened to the Taliban holding hostages inside the hospital and firing at US personnel outside?]

Poor reporting up front? Perhaps. Misunderstanding or mistranslation possibly? Perhaps. Intentional misleading by someone double-dealing our forces, leading them into an incident to cause embarrassment to the US at minimum? Perhaps. Internal double-dealing within our own military/government, with lies, then cover-up, and now chaos as they try to explain what really happened? Perhaps. A mess we’d be better off not being in at all? Absolutely. We never learned the lesson it took the Soviets a decade to learn there (while we armed their opposition, and which opposition later turned back on us 14 years and one month ago).

My SF friend also shared with me that since our grand pull out {choke!} from Afghanistan, the majority of American deaths have been Special Forces. Given his situation, I have no reason to doubt that. A life is a life, yet at the same time for particular reasons, I’ve got some extra appreciation for those folks.

So in order to tie this back to the thread a little, hey – let’s just go out and build all these world-wide, extra-governmental alliances between cities, all coordinated by a UN agency dedicated to targeting right wing terrorism and the unfair treatment and singling out of Muslims everywhere.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try —
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do —
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can —
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world —
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

[Acknowledging, but with no thanks to Mr. Lennon]