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Several comments, particularly regarding GS posts.

I’m not sure which way that was meant. So, just in case there was something in your post that was intended as opposition to anything I wrote, I want to say here and now, with no significant exception, that would have been because of a lack of clarity on my part as I focused on just one small part of the issue here or there, or a misunderstanding on your part of something I intended. We’re very much in the same ballpark, from what I just read.

With that said, there is very little (and nothing of any great significance) with which I would take issue in sledjockey’s post. On target, point after point. And it points out an issue that goes beyond just mental health treatment. Doctors schedules simply do not allow for personalized medical care any more. They are required to see patients back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to … just to make ends meet, as they pay rent, pay for a practice manager, pay for insurance specialists (NOT just people that do accounting), pay malpractice insurance, pay for nursing staff, equipment, supplies, etc., out of the ever-dwindling amounts allowed by insurance companies. Medicine is not personal any more. Everything has to be justified to an insurance company or Medicare – THEY (and even ultimately FedGov) are the ultimate arbiters of care in the US, not the physicians, down to the specific procedure used, the medication prescribed, or the length of hospital stay (if there even is one allowed). I could go on – but won’t (it would be long, and a rant).

Excellent post, sledjockey.