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Several comments, particularly regarding GS posts.

Considering the way the USA’s heath care system is based upon the pill and removal ideology, the support for medications such as SSRI’s defies common sense. Forget the statistics, long paragraphs in support of, and kick backs to providers for prescribing this crap. Let’s just think about reality:

* SSRI’s are known to cause psychosis in people that don’t truly have a “need” for them.
* Western medicine is based upon “practicing” medicine within a set standard of care. This standard of care allows for trial and error until finding a workable plan for the perceived diagnosis.
* The amount of “depressed” or “anxious” people in the USA have increased dramatically over the last few decades in a disproportionate ratio than other countries with similar Western medical practices. The statistics will lie, but think of all the women that need anti-anxiety medications for their periods or people quitting smoking or even people in the process of life changes like moving/buying house/going to college/etc…. Why? Because everyone must be warm and fuzzy with a big chemical hug if they feel down.
* Schools HAVE and DO require certain students that they deem “unruly” to be placed under medical care (read as medicated) so that they are no longer “unruly.” Personal experience with my son growing up and stories from other parents over several school districts and states…. Not a large, scientific sampling, but there are enough anecdotal accounts of others to support this statement and generalization.
* SSRI treatment itself is based upon “pill roulette” until something seems to “work” and then they keep changing medications on a semi regular basis because of the body’s constant change. I have worked with enough Special Olympic kids to know that these medications and constant medication changes just mess them up more. When these kids quit taking their medications they are USUALLY higher functioning, depending on what their initial issue was. They keep getting their medications swapped so many times to see if “something works better.” It’s a complete shotgun treatment to see what hits. The worst part is that anyone I have worked with on these type medications seems to depend on them to the point where their life revolves around creating drama to get their meds changed. This is very generalized and I am sure that the 5% of the population that actually needs to be medicated does benefit…. Some…..

SSRI’s are dangerous. The package insert says so. Why does someone need an SSRI because they are a bit cranky? Because the patient is a little b*tch, the provider doesn’t care about treating patients anymore due to overburden of regulation/requirements, and the insurance company dictates what can or cannot be done (including reimbursement). If you want to argue, go pack sand. I have an MBA in Hospital Administration, been in direct patient care for over 14 years before I went admin, and still deal with all aspects of how our medical system works. Even numerous CEO’s of health insurance companies that I have had to sit in on their lectures agree with me, but I stated it MUCH more blunt and confrontational.

The problem we have is that the FDA and AMA work together to make different things a “medical condition” so that treatments can be regulated. Obesity is a medical condition? No, it is a “people are allowed to blame everyone else for their own problems” condition. Why do taxpayers have to waste money on research for obesity? Just make it so people can grown frigging gardens in their backyards again so they get something other than GMOs or “organic” food grown in 3rd world countries being fertilized with human waste.

Get rid of the government oversight on all aspects of our life, hold people accountable, give them a chance after they serve their ENTIRE sentence, remove all criminal immigrants (all those in country illegally), and cut taxes where people can afford to work less/live more. Problems will sort themselves out over time one way or another…. At least I will be left the hell alone.


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