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I’ll admit my prejudices up front: I think chemical cures for problems that start out as bad thinking or failures to think are suspect at best. I also think that many of the horrible killing/suicides connected with SSRIs are often triggered by lapses or inconsistesie in the prescribed dosages or schedules. Still, I cannot ignore the learned testimony of professionals that they often “work” well enough to enable many people to live normal, productive, and worthwhile lives. It’s just that small tragic fraction that sometimes runs far off the rails….

But one of the contributing forces pushing young Christopher Harper Mercer to his tragic and violent breakdown, seems to me to be that he was one of many, raised by single mother without the stabilizing influence of a father who actually cared how he turned out. It seems to me that many young mens’ lives are predisposed to fail for the lack of guiding male moral example. It’s a rare woman who can teach a boy how to be a man. I know it can be done — witness Dr. Benjamin Carson and his brother, or GeorgiaSaint’s (and my) former radio “companion,” Ken Hamblin. But it’s a rarity.

Cry, "Treason!"