GS, thanks for doing the legwork on that.
Was at work when I posted originally and didn’t have time to look into all the little things that were making my ‘little grey cells’ burn and smoke.

Still not happy with what I’m reading, but happy that I wasn’t wrong.
My intuition appears to be war surplus but when the alarms start going off, I do pay attention.

The more I read, the worse it gets.

Tolik, if I’m reading this right, the first is nothing.
One stroke of a pen, one cellphone call, and they all vanish at least anywhere those cities hold power.
And as an example, the Denver water board has power on all the water flowing east to the border and beyond, depending upon the compact.
What happens when all the wells are shut down (capped) to control the extremists?

Hopefully the late hour is just making me more paranoid and see the boogeyman.

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