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I really posted the video so people could see the skill of the workers and the tools they use. The guys shaping the staves never use anything to measure the curved tapers or angles. They cut off huge shavings with a draw knife that could only be dome with an insanely sharp draw tool. The wood they are cutting is extremely hard white oak dried for 5 years. One of the guys is using a jointer, it looks like a old cabbage cutter; only it’s about 6 feet long. The steamer is the giant cone they lower over the barrel after one end is hooped. Oak dried this long takes about an hour to soften enough to bend without splitting out the stave. The methods they use are basically the same as have been used since barrels were invented. The same methods could be used by any prepper to make barrels, buckets or tanks in the future. Water tanks and buckets can be made from White Cedar. White Cedar water tanks are used for roof top water supplies and sprinkler systems. Cedar has been in use for tanks of this type for over 100 years.

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