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I think Selco hit on an absolutely key point – there was a common bond between the people, one that transcended ethnicity, religion, etc. When that breaks down, chaos can easily reign. His key point is that, “Common folk did not care to much about Marx, Engels, socialism or communism, they cared for feeling of unity and similar, something connected them all … .”

We could potentially survive in the US if such was the case here. But the divisions among us could, and likely will result in an ethnic civil war in the US if economic conditions significantly worsen. Even though the system, as Selco pointed out, was much different there than it is in the US, for example, he correctly points out that when a feeling of unity exists, almost regardless of its basis, calm also prevails for the most part, or at least mutual support.

Our problem here in the US (though I see it elsewhere too) is that there are those that are actively promoting the divisions among us, as part of their underlying philosophy. As I said earlier, “Forget the word ‘Communists.’ Focus on the philosophy, learn how Cloward and Piven refined that into a more modern adaptation 100 years later, and how Alinsky provided the propagandist means that every one of them can learn in order to win the arguments in a public forum.” Once the social and political order are degraded sufficiently, there is no more binding tie of nationality. And that, after all, is the stated objective of the underlying philosophy, regardless of whether a label is attached to that philosophy or not. And that philosophy must be understood, or one cannot recognize what is actually taking place right before us.

So with all due respect (which is quite significant), I do worry when the, “Common folk [don’t] care to[o] much about Marx, Engels, socialism or communism.” It’s not the terms or originators that matter, it’s the philosophy behind it all that matters, and particularly when it’s not recognized by the common folk. Destroy the social and political order, and by definition, the fabric of a nation is destroyed.