Thanks Malgus for the article, it is thought provoking, and to the some point pretty accurate probably.

It is complicated to try to explain what exactly happened here, but I also think there are similarities, and I do think it could become very nasty there.
Here are few thoughts, and for the moment try to forget communism, socialism and similar things that were here.

-People here were usually proud that mix of nationalities and religions made something new, they were mostly proud to be Yugoslavs (they put Yugoslavian nationality and love to the federation of Yugoslavia first, at the second place they put from what part are they, or what group they belong)
-Economic downfall somehow “pull out” old tensions, or if you like people remembered that they fought before between each other (group, religion etc)
-Common folk did not care to much about Marx, Engels, socialism or communism, they cared for feeling of unity and similar, something connected them all ( with all differences between them trough the history)

Now all this is generalization, yes, story is much more complicated, obviously system here was completely different.
But one point is there-when things go bad, let say in economical way, all differences (races, groups, nationalities) are sharper, and then it is becoming nasty.
Multicultural societies are perfect to become slaughter when there is no (good) thing that connect them.