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I’m posting here mainly to elevate Freedom’s January 2015 post to “current” status. What’s happening right now in South Carolina points out – again – the need to have water storage and a means of obtaining water safe for drinking in a SHTF situation. With the massive rain and resulting power outages in South Carolina, water mains have been broken, and water treatment/pumping stations are out. There are massive numbers of people being told to boil their water, yet boiling only kills bacteria and, perhaps, some viruses. It may boil off some volatile chemicals, but whatever might have gotten into contaminated water is still going to be there for the most part other than those substances/critters. And boiling uses precious fuel to heat the water.

I strongly favor the Black Berkey water filters, and a home-made water filter system constructed of two 5-gallon buckets (at least the lower one being food grade). It’s easy to get several gallons per day, if the top bucket remains filled in order to facilitate gravity feeding through the filters, particularly if you use four filters instead of just two in the system. And the Berkey filters have the best specifications I’ve been able to find for ANY filters available at almost any price. At about $109/pair currently, they SEEM expensive. But when you figure that each pair is rated by the company to filter 6000 gallons of water safely, even if over a several year period in a low-use situation, that works out to less than 2¢ per gallon.

I posted a rainwater collection and storage system elsewhere in the Forum that can also be reviewed if interested. But be sure to go through the ideas in Freedom’s link as well. If you don’t have water, you aren’t going to live but a matter of days. And if you don’t have clean water, you might live and wish you didn’t.