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… [W]e will have big problems if there is a collapse and they do not have the drugs to take.

I have been concerned about that for quite some time. Freedom touched on something that has been little-considered — and should be! There are millions and millions of people in the US, and countless others around the world, taking medications that cannot, and should not be discontinued abruptly. If supplies are suddenly cut off, there will be other crises the likes of which we have not factored in. With the emptying of psychiatric hospitals over the past decade or two, there are people all over with very, very significant and substantially accurate psychiatric diagnoses. Just consider those with thinking that is extremely disorganized – alternate realities if you will. What happens when they’re suddenly cut off from the medications that currently assist them to be “manageable” (and even sometimes quite “normal”)? What happens when the person who’s been doing rather well on meds, but who once shot up his TV set because the CIA was monitoring him through that TV set, is suddenly without that pharmaceutical support? And what about those that “just” have a diagnosis such as “depression,” but are doing well as long as they’re medicated? (Almost every one of us knows such a person, yet often have no idea such is the case.) There are many MILLIONS that require meds in order to get along at least passably from day to day. There will be a giant unraveling in society when such a day comes, with massive numbers unable to cope with the stresses of major upheaval due to political, economic, or other conditions. You may suddenly not know the neighbors you thought you knew.

Am I suggesting they will all become violent? Not at all – most of them won’t, unless provoked while lacking the coping skills. But they won’t be very nice to be around, or very useful as allies and team members. Breakdown of society will be more dramatic than it ever would have been 50 years ago – coping skills are less than they were then, and without the meds the coping skills of those millions will plummet well below that which would have otherwise been expected in the face of disasters, upheavals, etc. Solution? I don’t have one. It’s what we’re facing….