Here is something to consider , all those psych drugs , alter the brain chemistry in some way , in order to get the desired affect . The human brain is not fully developed until the mid 20’s . So what you are doing is altering a brain that has not fully matured , and being surprised if the person behaves in a negative way . The drug companies know this . Quite frankly , if you think about it , it should be illegal to even prescribe such medications to anyone under age 30 . Up until then , use the old method of either counseling , or a good kick in the ass . We are turning our population into a bunch of pussies . I used to date a psych nurse , and I asked her about working in the nut house . She told me some stories , some were funny , but one thing she did say , is that their reality is as real to them , as ours is to us , and they are just as convinced of that reality as we are . THink about that for a moment . You give a young person psych drugs , that alter an undeveloped brains chemistry , and cant understand why they think the way they do or do the things they do . Its like drinking Expresso all day , and wondering why you cant sleep at night .Not that all the nut cases are under the influence of SSRi’s or any other drug , but the ones that are , are absolutely convinced about what they are doing when they do it , and we act shocked when it happens . Then blame it on the gun , which is strictly a political agenda , but the practice of giving the drugs out like candy to people , knowing there is a possibility of altering that person’s mental development is simply criminal . Again , its about the money . Who knows what other , more subtle things they are doing to people , that are just as negative . The brain is nothing to play with .