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Nobody here is gonna “win” this argument. We’re talking apples and oranges that just happen to be in the same crate. The laws are poorly crafted, knee-jerk reactions in some cases, and in others they’re carefully crafted in order to achieve a specific (often selfish or “unwanted agenda”) outcome. It’s the moral issues involved, and the “feel good” crowd that says thugs and perps need to be coddled and given second chances (and third, and fourth, ad nauseum), while the victims remain motionless 6 feet under, and their loved ones grieve for the rest of their lives. You’re right, Whirlibird, that the laws just don’t allow some of the things mentioned here. It’s just that our guts tell us, “Tango Sierra” (tough “stuff” for those that aren’t conversant with the good old phonetic alphabet abbreviations that allow public discussion of impolite speech in polite circles – LOL!). In other words, when the situation is FUBAR, the discussion becomes less inclined toward the rational and legal, because in some respects people know what’s “rational” and legal, they just don’t care anymore when things have gone too far.

Me? I know enough not to try to move a body, and not expect evidence to show what really happened. But the inner DESIRE, and resulting fantasy doesn’t change! And on larger property with neighbors living further away, a backhoe could do wonders for “covering up” a problem that suddenly never existed. Most of us here are smart enough to know we can’t really do what we’d like to in such cases. So, we probably wouldn’t…. <grin>