Thank you for your lengthy reply.

I’ll be brief: I stink at statistical analysis. Really suck at it. I know enough about statistical analysis to know that you can make numbers say whatever you want them to say – usually in support of whomever is paying the bills.

That said, the one thing that stood out from your first post is this: Note that very last sentence: even these researchers say it may create more problem than it solves by not giving these meds to that age group.

Thing is, we already know what the mean is, since we already know how kids behaved prior to the invention of SSRI’s and MAOI’s. Since they literally did not exist, kids – and young people – could not take them.

My personal feelings on the matter are that “depression” and ADHD/ADD were pushed by Big Pharma in order to sell their crap “medications”. I’m not saying kids and young people don’t have depression or ADHD/ADD, in effect denying their existence. I’m saying that I think the problem is much less profound than what we’re being told for the sole purpose of selling medications and making money. Classic ‘create a problem, then sell them the cure’ snake oil flim-flam nonsense…

As for teachers, school social workers, etc., passing them out like candy, THEY CANNOT!

Well, that’s a relief, being as I never said they could. My focus was on the diagnosis, not prescription. If I wasn’t clear enough, I apologize. Rank amateurs in the field of Psychiatry – to include teachers, teaching assistants, school nurses, etc – tell parents their kids has ADD/ADHD or some other phony baloney ailment. The parents buy off on it and dope their kids up till they’re zombies.

As far as your second post, I still maintain that gun rights and SSRI’s are intimately linked. NOT by me, but by those who seek to inflict their toxic political agenda on the rest of us, as if they have some moral imperative to dictate to the rest of us how we should live, what we should own, how much we should own, etc. And those are just the zealots. The real vultures are those who wait with pre-written bills, salivating at the thought of yet another mass shooting so they can fill in the date, time, location and number of the dead, using peoples’ outrage as grease for their legislation before the bodies are even cold – THEY’RE the ones who made SSRI’s part of this equation by virtue of their continuing denial to address the issue – that SSRI’s cause a significant percentage of young people to have psychotic breaks and jump on the mass killer bandwagon. Instead, they affix blame to an inanimate object and wait for another heinous event to occur so they hopefully gin up enough outrage to have their garbage bills passed.

Let me change gears and put something up for you to consider.

Let’s say I’m a bartender. I sell booze. You walk in and start having some frosty adult beverages. Because I want to make money, I sell you everything you ask for. Later on, you cash out, pile in your car and head home. On the way home, you cross the center line and take out a family of 4 heading the other way…

Am I culpable? I didn’t make you drink all that booze – you did that on your own. As well as climbing into your car and driving home. We all know what the effects of alcohol are on humans, yet I still sold you as much as you could drink…

Are doctors culpable? Knowing that a significant percentage of young people WILL have a psychotic break and/or suicidal impulses, yet they still prescribe the chemicals? If a kid takes SSRI’s, goes off the rails and takes out half a dozen of his classmates, is the doctor culpable?

To me, the two are inextricably linked. We didn’t have young people committing these atrocities until use of these psychotropics became widespread. The rise of the use of SSRI’s and the rise of these mass shootings are concurrent. And it’s not an accident.


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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