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Again, with all due respect Tolik, that is a logical error – generalizing from one to many. I just read an article yesterday about a fish that was actually found to have a lung. Therefore, I can generalize that all fish have lungs. I also know people that have a condition called celiac disease, resulting in an inability to eat anything containing gluten. They get very ill, often develop additional autoimmune disorders, and run a much higher risk of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Therefore, NO human should ever eat anything that has wheat, barley, or rye in it – at least according to that same logical error.

Now, with that statement I am in no way diminishing the experience of the person you cite. That absolutely happens. I have also seen it very up close and all to personally to someone I care about a great deal. Those are tragic – period.

Separately, there is still the overwhelming preponderance of experience that the large majority of people taking SSRIs do NOT become significantly angry, violent, even homicidal. The numbers are there. To focus on the individual legitimate tragedies of bad reactions to these medications in connection with gun-related tragedies, is to play right into the hands of the gun grabbers. They LOVE this kind of discussion.

Again: if they can generate enough belief in this line of thinking, they can wipe out all people who are taking (or maybe ever have taken) SSRIs and other medications used in mental health treatment from those eligible to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.. If they can use that list to identify anyone who’s ever had a mental health diagnosis (such as a limited period of clinical depression following birth of a child, death of a loved one, etc., for example), they can add those “dangerous” people with “mental health problems to the list of “ineligible” citizens. Anyone that doesn’t believe that’s part of the agenda, simply don’t know what’s being talked about in the anti-gun circles at all levels of government and the non-government organizations that help generate public opinion.

So perhaps let me clarify what I said: SSRIs are NOT the issue with respect to gun violence. Separately, I also clearly recognize that there are limited numbers of people that have serious individual issues related to them. Just please keep those two separate.

To maybe lighten the discussion just a bit while preserving the valid reasoning, one might take a look at the web sites that warn of the lethal danger of the chemical DHMO (dihydromonoxide). It must be banned! In fact, everything said on that page is true – in selected situations and individual circumstances. But the DHMO hoax has embarrassed many intelligent people. Such is the tactic of the gun grabbers.