I have to agree with Malgus on the SSRI issue from personal experience . I will relate this story in a way that is generalized , because the experience is a personal one , and I dont want to get into exact details with this person on a forum with people I dont know face to face . I knew a woman that started taking anti depressants to get herself out of a funk and past experiences that surfaced after her mother passed away . Her coping ability stopped working , as the death of her mother was the straw that broke the camel’s back . It must be said at this point , that this woman prior to this was a normal , hard working individual , with a good career and many interests in life , not some flake .
The doctor gave her the newest SSRI pill of the time , her personality started to change , from easy going to , fits of anger or sadness , then she switched to another med . Same results , but it got even worse . They kept changing her meds , in an attempt to find the “right ” one , and she made 5 suicide attempts while this was going on . During one episode , she was feeling suicidal , she had little money at this point because she had quit her career and taken out her retirement to live on ( this was her judgment under the influence of the SSRIs ) . So she went to a crisis center , that had volunteer doctors , as well as shrinks . I drove her there myself , after she filled out all the paperwork , and went in to see the doctor …………………….here is what they found . A volunteer doctor , took one look at the med list and told her what her REAL problem was , she was allergic to SSRIs , ……………..the other doctors that she was paying didnt even notice , or explore the possibility of that . They got her off of those , and went into the older pre SSRI path and family of meds . After two years away from SSRIs , she got back on her feet , went back to her career , and started to become the person she was before her mother passed . I have to state as a witness , that our doctors are incompetent , our system is a joke , and we are nothing but cattle in it . Oh , by the way , the doctor at the crisis center that was able figure out what the problem was , in one session , was from India ………….saved a woman’s life and didnt get payed a dime .
( Note : The doctors at the center had a private practice of their own , but just cared enough to volunteer their time to help )

Unrelated to SSRIs , but is also a problem , are all the “legalized ” junkies out there . There are people that will go to one doctor , get a script for meds , then go to another doctor for the same thing . Sometimes two or three doctors , then abuse the drugs at will . Apparently its a bigger problem than we might think , because doctors have been attempting for years to get a nationwide data base going , so that when a new patient comes in , they will know if they are currently seeing another doctor and what meds are being prescribed to that person , in an attempt to stop some of that .