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SSRIs are not the problem. You’d be shocked at the number of people on SSRIs. In 2011 the CDC reported that more than one in every ten people (11%) over the age of 12 in the US takes antidepressants. Yet the vast majority of them are not out committing violent acts. It’s the underlying disorder that’s a problem. Oh, there may be a tiny fraction of cases where the medication contributes, but remember that we’re dealing with someone that’s already exhibiting frayed ends before ever going on the meds. I have a serious concern about the use of meds in all too many cases, though I have seen lives probably saved because of them.

The meds are being scapegoated for a very, very good reason. By bringing them up every time some crazy kills somebody, there’s much more public outcry to either ban the SSRIs, or take away the guns of anyone on them. Both are illogical to anyone EXCEPT liberal gun grabbers. It’s another means of further limiting the number of people that can own guns – and again, that is a VERY sizable number that could be disqualified if the impostor wearing the Uncle Sam suit gets away with going into everyone’s medical records to screen for those that are on, or have ever used such drugs. I would venture to guess that each of us knows someone who is or has been on such medications – though we would not necessarily know it because most of them don’t want people to know it. And if the gun grabbers had their way, a huge number of people would then be added to the list of those permanently banned form owning a gun. Remember too, that would mean the entire household of a person taking such medication would not be able to own guns, because the person on the meds could not have access to one. It’s just like the Lautenberg Amendment, which retroactively banned gun ownership by anyone EVER convicted of even a misdemeanor domestic violence offence (including a no-contest plea). Suddently that entire household is forever banned, effectively, because the individual in question would potentially have access to any weapon in the house. These gun grabbbers are a whole lot more sneak than almost anyone realizes.

Blaming SSRIs for these mass murders makes just as much sense as blaming guns for the mass murders. It’s not the object, it’s the mind of the person holding (or ingesting) the object. The VAST majority of SSRI users are about as worthy of concern as are the vast majority of legal gun owners. It’s yet another Alinsky-esque tactic to redefine reality to suit their agenda. Don’t buy into it.

Oh – and don’t forget the huge payouts lawyers are looking for when they can latch on to one of these SSRI law suits against the drug companies. I’m NO fan of Big Pharma, but their deep pockets are the targets of big payouts when one of these shootings occurs. “Sue the deep pocketed drug companies, and get all the money you’re entitled to!”, according to the attorney ads on TV. Again, don’t buy into it.