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Anyone not familiar with the Fully Informed Jury Association should be. I would love to sit on that jury! This (once all the facts come out), could end up being a perfect place to invoke jury nullification. “[Police] said Hillis was held at gunpoint until he turned the tables by grabbing his own gun, which caused the suspects to run out of the home.” In other words, there was zero question the perps had a lethal weapon, which they held on the homeowner (Hillis). And now he’s charged in the death of one of the perps because he wasn’t inside his house when he shot said perp? Such a pity (NOT!). So after being terrorized with a gun held on him, wondering if he’d be alive another moment, and managing to get his own gun to “turn the tables” on the perps, he needs to pay for the natural consequence of what was done to him for the rest of his life (and permanently lose the ability to further defend himself)? I don’t think so!

They also charged the other perp “with aggravated burglary and murder. Lt. Rick Edwards said [living perp] is facing a murder count because he was a co-conspirator in a home invasion that led to the death of another person.”

Well, if co-perp is guilty of murder, that’s logical and clear evidence that death can be a natural consequence of what they did. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have charged co-perp. But since they did, they therefore shouldn’t have even considered charging Mr. Hillis. The perps rolled the dice and lost this time. Simple. I just hope the jury is “fully informed.”