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We’re staring recession in the face? I am convinced that will turn out to be the understatement of the century. Collapse is not too strong. There is extensive material available below, and very well worth spending time on, if we really believe what we’re saying about conditions.

And I would not count on ANY lead time. If we’re blessed with “business as usual” for the common man for a while, great. But assume it could happen tomorrow and you’ll be safer. Any number of things could trigger the tsunami that would occur, in the form of social, emotional, political, economic, and about every other kind of circumstance you can think of.

Personally, I did not see us getting out of 2013 before the collapse came. I thought the manipulation of the markets would continue through the 2012 election, and that 2013 would be it – and I expected it to be early 2013, not later. Obama would have his big “mandate” {CHOKE!} and impose controls the likes of which we could only dream (as in “nightmares”). But it didn’t come, because of manipulation on a scale not even understood by probably anyone (even not fully by those doing it).

I don’t know why they’re still manipulating, personally – can’t figure that one out. Perhaps they just want to get Obama out of office first, so it doesn’t happen on his watch. I really have no idea. But the house of cards “shouldn’t” have lasted this long as it is. If you read John Williams’ Shadow Stats web site, you’ll see he originally wrote an extensive paper calling for (and fully justifying) the collapse timing by the end of the decade (2018-2019 at the latest), and moved that up to 2014. He was quite surprised that it didn’t happen last year. But the conditions remain in place, he says (as we can clearly see here). I can’t find another explanation that makes more sense than his, and he’s certainly got credentials that stack up well to anyone else’s. Here’s what he said last year (a small part of just the intro is copied below):

The forecast of a U.S. hyperinflation has been in place since at least 2006. Those who have read the various shadowStats reports on hyperinflation — as opposed to just catching occasional sensationalized headlines in the press — usually recognize that the forecast has been of a future circumstance, in what used to be the distant future. In the early writings, the outside time limit for the crisis was 2018 or 2019, the end of the current decade. That outside timing was moved in closer in time, to 2014, following the near-collapse of the financial system in 2008.

For those interested, the full series of hyperinflation reports is described and linked at the end of the Definitions and Background section. Again, at this onset to the New Year, the hyperinflation timing remains in place for 2014. By its nature, a currency panic — the likely proximal trigger of the hyperinflation event — is difficult to time. With all the underlying fundamentals for the collapse of the U.S. dollar having been in place for some time, the potential for an imminent break in the system also has been and remains in place. In the wake of the Panic of 2008, the hyperinflation timing reflects the period in which many of the economic – and systemic – related crises of 2008 likely will intensify or resurface, in a confluence of market-roiling circumstances. Extraordinary ginancial intervention by the federal government and Federal Reserve in 2008 saved the U.S. banking system from collapse, but those actions did little more than to push mortal problems for the economy and financial system a couple of years down the road. Those actions also had inflationary consequences, and they limited the flexibility of federal-government and Federal Reserve options in addressing future crises, accelerating the approach of a day of reckoning for the U.S. dollar into the near future. The U.S. currency has been set up for its ultimate demise, in debilitating inflation.

If you go to the original, you’ll see that he expects panic selling of the $US to be the trigger, which of course has not happened. We’ve only seen the $US high because everything else is in even worse shape (so when the collapse comes, it will have domino effects very few people will be expecting). You can also read the 2015 update here. This is the intro to the long 2015 update:


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