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The Sheriff is highly pro-gun, and has even contacted the White House in the past (or at least directed comments that way) over prior school shootings. After Sandy Hook, I believe it was, he came right out and stated, very publicly, that more gun laws were NOT the answer. His decision not to release the name was simply a personal one. He found out this shooter thought the fame achieved by previous mass murderers was wonderful and desirable. The Sheriff simply didn’t want to glorify him in the media within hours, and ordered his department to keep it quiet. He said he’d let the coroner announce it. Part of his hope was that others might be less inclined to

I had the same thought at first – I wondered if he was Muslim, or black. The fact that he self-identified on one web site as Republican/conservative may or may not have been honest (it was a dating web site), but if there was a motive besides the Sheriff’s stated motive, it certainly wasn’t evident, or the media would have been all over his political leanings. I did note, however, that he is “mixed race,” and have been unable to find out what the other half of the mix was (his father appears to be caucasian, and has an “American” name. I haven’t seen much about the mother yet at all, so there MAY be something there. But so far no evidence of any Muslim connection. He just was against organized religion, according to his on line profile, and was looking for Wiccan or pagan dating matches for non-commitment relationships. He also attended a special needs school prior to college, according to a couple of reports I’ve read, but there was no statement as to what his “special need” was. He clearly was not part of the “in” crowd, however, but there is no known criminal history. This guy appears to be the scariest kind: no indicators that he would convert to mass-murderer status, just that he was somewhat of a social outcast and weird. Yet he had a very large number of weapons, and apparently knew how to use them satisfactorily. He lived with his mother, who called him “Baby.” These guys are the sleepers that may never be spotted before they’re already dead, along with a long string of others immediately preceding them. We can’t (and shouldn’t) lock up everyone that’s simply “weird.” (That said, I REALLY want to know what Mom knew, since they lived together in an apartment. I would be rather surprised if there weren’t things she covered over, not dreaming her son would have become known around the world yesterday.)