The economy once again. Apparently, many will be deceived by the antichrist. Here is what Jesus purportedly told a visionary in Ecuador on Sept. 30, 2015: (Partial quote)

BELOVED CHILDREN, THE ECONOMY CONTINUES ITS FALL WITHOUT STOPPING. It is the grand strategy of the Antichrist for humanity to unite themselves in a single currency so they do not starve. The Antichrist moves into its power over humanity.
YOU, MY CHILDREN, BE STEALTHY, WIN SOULS FOR ME. Do not act like hypocrites as you experience the fulfillment of My Warnings. Be disciples who do not sleep, who do not rest. Announce and denounce the disguises of the Antichrist so that My people wake up. Know well his malevolent plans against My people. The purpose is to gain possession of what belongs to Our Trinity.