Malgus, since columbine the training has been to end the killing not wait for swat when there’s an active shooter.
Hostages, barricades, nothing happening, sure set up and wait.

But when there’s active killing going on, you enter and end the killing.
If that means stepping over victims to get to the bad guy, sorry but the ambulance is coming.

These guys made the right decision, get together, cowboy up and do the job.

The gear as it is, that swat uses takes time to arrive, most cops use and have only what fits in an already packed patrol car. ‘Beat cops’ even less, what they can carry on them.

Odds are our two heroes had little more than their standard belt gear, a vest or carrier of some kind, a carbine and a couple magazines to work with.
Any swat gear like RVs would be 150+ miles away and of little use there.

As to the smell test, having worked rural LE, you don’t have instant anything, identification, and other information especially.
Each department had different information, very common. Especially when it’s gor to filter through many layers to get to each ‘head’ and PIO.
So any information released until the body is identified by the coroner is suspect to inaccuracies.

As to who and what he is/was, until the facts are all in he’s just a little scumbag murderer. Motivation and personality are things to debate for years to come.

For me, he’s nothing but a punk arse bad guy, a cowardly little murderer, a tango, simply put, a terr. A target.

And the reason I carry.
It can happen anywhere.