The “crash” of 2008 never stopped – it simply went on a world tour, seeing the sights and stuff, until it decided it was time to get serious…

The Fed has not stopped the Free Money ZIRP spigot since 2008 – they’re still inventing currency at “emergency” levels and funneling it directly to Wall Street. They get zero-interest ‘free’ currency – but you and me? Oh, us feebs have to pay interest on any loans we take out.

Raising interest rates is a joke. They CAN’T, and they know it. The stock market would crater and the circle of free currency/bought and paid for members of congress/Fed would be broken… now we’re looking at NIRP – literally negative interest rates. For the little guy, this means you’ll have to literally pay the banks to “allow” you to have a bank account… you’ll end up with a net negative, since the ‘fees’ you’ll be paying will more than outweigh any puny ‘interest’ they happen to give you.

Anyone who still keeps the vast majority of any currency they have in a bank is either ignorant, a fool or a chump. Yank whatever you can out of the banks and start buying PM’s and hard assets. Otherwise, you’ll wake up like the Greeks did awhile back and find more than half your savings just ‘gone’….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1