Well actually , it cant be that difficult , both sides in the Ukraine war are doing just that with not very high tech equipment . As for knowledge , the internet is a great library . As for actually shooting them down , they are very difficult to hit . Your talking something that is at best 4.5 feet square in many cases , and little mass . They are pretty much 4 engines and a camera , with a lot of hollow space between , at altitude , a person would be very lucky to hit one ……….and thats if its standing still . We are talking about civilian hobby drones , not sophisticated military drones , think more along the lines of an RC airplane . Which is why jamming and in some cases , capturing those things in the Ukraine , is able to be accomplished by guys that are not exactly brain trusts . From what I have seen , the equipment is not military , but cobbled together equipment , easily available on the civilian market , mundane equipment at that . A radio transmitter , etc , etc .
As far as the govment drones go ………….you wont even see them or really know they are there , what your going to be seeing is what I just described . Johnny Jackass , Backyard Bubba , or Breach baby O’Brian with their new toy .