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ROFL! And very seriously, does anyone have any knowledge about the frequency(ies) these things operate on, and what kind of signal is needed to interfere with it (i.e. is it something as simple as a single modulated tone, AM, FM, varying frequecies or tones, etc.)? I’d suspect they’d have some sort of at least rudimentary channel selection or other method of avoiding interference from other devices, for examples. So does anyone know what might override built in protection?

Still, if larger “gummint” vehicles decided to park themselves or fly a pattern over my property, I suspect they’d be using frequencies other than the smaller “hobby” drones, and would have more sophisticated means of avoiding interference. So the “backup” laser would still seem to be a great idea for those types, if they’d work. Sure, I’m not so dumb to know that I’d be right there on their video just before the bright green flash on their screen turns to hash. But then it’s at least me against them with a 4th Amendment battle in court. If they’re looking that closely that they can identify facial features in my yard, they’re unreasonably searching, and I suspect that there are a number of organizations that would gladly take up such a case with deeper pockets than mine. Alternately, “I was only trying out a new laser on my weapon, officer – I didn’t fire at anybody, and it wasn’t even loaded! I had no idea that would hurt your poor little drone. It just seemed like a perfect opportunity just happened to present itself, to try out that new laser on a moving target to see if I could put a spot on a practice target. Completely innocent, officer!”