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Every military hospital of any size, anywhere in the U.S. (and those based in other countries) has had a major requirement for virtually everyone from every level of the nursing staff, physicians’ assistants, docs, med techs, psychologists, social workers, you name it, to be exceptionally well versed in “CBRNE” response as well as even theory (stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Enhanced conventional weapons). They’ve been “expecting” something for years, and pushing repeated annual training that takes hours, and hours of preparation in order to pass the tests (and by “hours and hours,” we’re talking about “hours and hours” that span many DAYS of paid employment). At least in terms of the amount of money and time spent on it, it’s no joke at all. Somebody’s knee jerk reaction or power trip, or something based on information the “mere public” isn’t permitted to know about by those who make such decisions about our fitness to know what our government is doing and why? Never was able to find out conclusively. I’m just one of the subjects. But it’s very real, and very intense in some government circles, particularly the government medical community, because someone told them to, for some reason.