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Our place is probably a good bug in location, but as Selco has mentioned many times, that can all change in the blink of an eye. I live 17 miles from the nearest town but I can assure you, in my view the gangs are going to start venturing further and further out into our area because they know us country folk have a habit of storing extra of everything…food, fuel, ammo, etc.

I’m taking some stuff, a little at a time on a pack horse, and making caches in various places. I’m counting on the fact that cash money is likely to be useless, but things like salt, coffee, flour, bourbon, hard candies, and ammo are going to be worth a lot more than even gold or silver.

My dilemma is that I work in downtown St. Louis and my home is 50 miles away. My truck has been voted by my co-workers as “most likely place to find a gun”. I have my “get home bag” with me at all times, enough food to last me 30 days, good hiking boots, extra clothing and socks kept in a dry bag…I’m always thinking of something to add…a LifeStraw was my most recent addition along with 10 mylar blankets for shelter, etc.