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I’m interested in what Selco has to say too, or others who also lived in such places. As noted in the past I have never lived anywhere that had racial or ethnic diversity. As for religious diversity where I grew up most folks were either Catholic or Jewish and there wasn’t any tension so that doesn’t count either. I was in college before I even knew there was such a thing as antisemitism. Others here that have lived in more diverse places probably understand these things better than I do but I remain puzzled as to how exactly it is that diversity is supposed to make countries or communities stronger or better. To me, it is as if they are saying that we are deficient in some manner and the others (whoever they may be) are going to compensate for those deficiencies. It is especially puzzling when the diversity that govt keeps saying will make us stronger must be supported by entitlements due to lack of education, skills, and ability to speak English, or the new folks increase crime rates due to cultural differences that are at odds with established culture/law or just plain lack of screening out those with criminal backgrounds, or in the case of Muslims an unwillingness to accept secular govt with freedom of speech and freedom of religion as major underpinnings of the society they are joining. On the black/white tension in the US, they do not tell us how moving Section 8 housing into middle or upper middle class neighborhoods will make those neighborhoods better, especially when history seems to show that they bring the ghetto with them rather than leave the ghetto behind.

Even looking at a 1st world country such as Canada, centuries have come and gone but the English vs French tension has never fully gone away and I suspect someday Quebec will finally secede.

It seems that pushing the US to become more diverse is not going to make it better, but again, others here my understand this better than I.