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Malgus, I probably wasn’t clear. My hand pump is independent of the electric pump that supplies the house but it doesn’t pump water into the house. It pumps water outside at the wellhead same as any other hand pump. It is just that the hand pump apparatus doesn’t connect to or otherwise touch the electric pump apparatus in the well itself. Note that the very inexpensive hand pumps that you sometimes see advertised are for relatively shallow wells. The Simple Pumps are designed for deeper wells in addition to being designed to be durable. My well is in the side yard maybe only 150′ off of the road and so is visible to anyone paying attention, but I figure come SHTF the whole neighborhood would be using it anyway as the easiest source of water that doesn’t need to be filtered. For toilets and watering gardens folks on the other side of the road would get water from the river running behind their houses and on my side of the road would use either water from ponds on the properties or from little streams coming off of the mountain behind us. If there is anything we’ll never run out of here it is water and wood.