There’s a little something written called “The War to Save Joseph Stalin”.

Not going to rehash WWII. I will only say that Putin is first and foremost FOR Russia. And we should be first and foremost FOR the US.

Squabbling amongst ourselves solves nothing. The greater threat is happening in real-time – our countries, our homelands are being infiltrated and overrun by invaders. The stupidity of weaponized empathy and suicidal altruism is breathtaking in it’s scope and depth…

Those old Stalin-era Marxist “intellectuals” like Gramsci and Fanon did their work well – that which would have been mocked and ridiculed and viewed as treasonous only a few decades ago is now bleated over and over as if it were Holy Writ…

We need to focus on the greater threat. Then we can hash out our petty squabbles…

Where’s Jan Sobieski when you need him?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1