The gear, its toys. Occasionally useful, if its needed, its needed immediately not waiting for it to be brought in from 50 miles away. We have learned much from the old days of SWAT and waiting for resolving the situation. In so many cases, waiting only allows for more victims. Columbine.

Pardon me, but BS.

Your argument is predicated on the false premise that more “gear” will prevent the loss of life – that waiting around for the “gear” to show up will cost lives. Then you double down on the false premise by citing Columbine intentionally to elicit an emotional response to support your Jenga Tower of false premises…

Allow me to pull the bottom piece out of your Jenga Tower.

What isn’t needed is more cool-guy “operator” taxpayer-funded crap. What is needed, is courage. The selfless service that cops purport to have by the truckload – because they’re all “heroes”, or so the media tells us every day – is almost nonexistent if courage only comes when you get your free $hit on and all ninja’d up…

Please don’t insult my intelligence with that phony “arms race” argument. Using any metric you care to, Bad Guys and scumbags use cheap, for-$hit garbage weapons – overwhelmingly junky handguns – and not top of the line military-grade select fire assault rifles. Situations like the North Hollywood Shootout are an infinitesimally small minority, not the norm. Which doesn’t justify the taxpayer-funded cool guy free $hit.

Back in the 1930’s, when genuine Bad Guys and gangsters ran the show and used the genuine article, it was still extremely rare, and they still got extremely dead at the end of the day. And there were no cool-guy ninja goons waiting around for “the gear” to show up so they could grow a pair…

Whatever happened to the concept of “One Riot. One Ranger”? If that ever existed, it was squashed into extinction decades ago, replaced by “Officer Safety” instead of the welfare of the citizenry. The police have benefited from the same PR campaign started by Hoover for the Feds back in the 1930’s. A constant barrage of programming over decades to convince us that the enforcer goons for the Elites are really there “for our protection” and that they “selflessly serve”… what a pantload.

Attitudes are a different matter.
For years, despite the temporary upswing post-9/11, public attitudes towards the police has been poor at best. Now for the last 7 years, the police are the scapegoat of every scumbag despot including the potus. To blame for everything.

Boo hoo. Poor them. Us poor proles and ‘mundanes’ should really appreciate all that our sainted Holy Avengers do for us…

The defense when everyone is against you? Rally behind and stick with your own.
Right, wrong, indifferent, it is what it is. You cam trust those behind the badge, even those you don’t like, because its you against the bad guys.

Oh please. Don’t make it sound like cops were just standing around, eating donuts and minding their own and then everyone started hating on them for no reason… Cops have “stuck with their own” for decades – longer than I have been alive.

The Blue Wall of Silence protects the vast majority, and if something gets out because one of us poor proles or mundanes happens to film a cop acting egregiously and sends it to the local news station or posts it on SpewT00b, they get “paid administrative leave”, all sorts of protections we don’t get thanks to the Union (like having a “cooling down” period before any questioning can take place, pre-screening of any questions that will be asked, regular bathroom and food breaks, a lawyer/rep present during any questioning, more…)…

I was going to cite chapter and verse, but why bother? You’d just say it was ‘an isolated incident’ or something… anyone interested can just look up NYPD “cop” named Brendan Cronin. The shame of it is, I had to hear about this mess long after the fact…

I trust myself against “the bad guys” just fine.

Your average cop, doesn’t look at the public as the enemy but as potential victims.

Sorry. I don’t believe that for an instant. If it were true, then their behavior would be 180 degrees different than what it currently is.

The police are always there, willing to help.
Willing to sacrifice.
Even in places where they are looked at by some as a a bullet sponge.

Well, which is it? Are they waiting around for the gear to show up from 50 miles away because “officer safety” or are they charging in selflessly, ready to sacrifice themselves for us poor, unappreciative mundanes? Can’t be both.

Changing police attitudes takes effort from both direction and sides.

Nope. Cops themselves started this “us vs them” mentality – it’s up to them to rectify it. THEY exist to provide us with a service. They serve at our pleasure. WE do not exist to provide them with position.

And us poor mundanes have the exact same powers a cop does – since one cannot give that which one does not possess, then that means cops do not possess any power that we ourselves do not have. They merely do the job we all have the authority to do, but do not have the time since we’re leading different lives – it’s called ‘delegation of authority’… that’s the way it’s supposed to work, anyways. Usurping power has always been the goal of those who actually wield it…

Want the police to be a part of the community? Invite them in.
They might surprise you.

Sorry, no. Not without a warrant.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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