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Thanks for that, Robin – excellent addition. If I own land, I MUST be hooked up to municipal water, sewer, and power? I’m not allowed to be self-sustaining on my own bought and paid-for land? This story elicited language out of my mouth that I thought I had purged long ago. {weak grin} And it elicited thoughts that some in authority would take action against if spoken. In other words, it really got to me.

I clicked the link in that story to the original from which it was taken. Wow! That the general population is completely oblivious to all this is not only frightening, but dangerous – because a handful of individuals cannot fight it. Here’s just the end of that linked article.

From the White House using race to change national zoning laws and define who can live in certain neighborhoods, to global corporations using eminent domain to steal homes, to the city of Seattle trying to ban single-family homes, there is a war on self-reliance brewing. It’s becoming harder and harder for independent, freedom-minded people to find somewhere to live without having to worry about government intrusion. It seems freedom loving Americans are under attack from every direction.

I’ve covered story after story…

● World War II veteran loses family business and land after local government uses eminent domain to claim ownership of his property.
● Andrew Wordes takes his own life after code enforcement teams attempt to steal his land to build a park.
● Off-Griders in California being threatened with arrest for living off-the-grid.
● Obama Admin Uses EPA to Take control of Private Land: Claims all Nation’s Waterways; Creeks, Wetlands, Ditches, and Ponds
● EPA Bypasses Congressional Ruling and Seizes entire Wyoming Town

Parting comment: Steppenwolf had it right (can you believe “Monster” was released 46 years ago?!?):

America where are you now?
Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
Don’t you know we need you now
We can’t fight alone against the monster