You are quite right, the Church was not involved in these particular events and made no judgments of any kind about them. They never do until the visitations end. It is just that Mary is usually associated with the Church and thus, it can reflect negatively to those not aware of the details. God CAN manifest in a huge and visible way but usually it is to some uneducated children who have a hard time convincing the authorities that: it is actually happening, that they are not crazy, and that it is not the evil one in disguise. At least they do not argue with HIM
and will usually relate accurately the message to higher authorities even when they don’t understand it.

I totally agree that an economic collapse is likely, considering the financial trajectory of the country. How can it end any other way? Who will take the haircut for the trillions owed? It could be nasty and, or a future of extreme poverty for generations.