By now we all know the outcome of the foretold “economic collapse”. It is both a relief and a sorrow. Sad that someone was motivated to take us down that path, and to what purpose? To cause anxiety, to tarnish the image of the Church, or the Virgin Mary? To cause confusion? These are all the mark of you know who. Perhaps you have heard the saying: “he will tell a thousand truths to be able to insert one lie”. I must admit that I, and probably thousands of others, were taken in by these messages over the past couple of years, all sounding like astute commentaries on our current and future condition. For my part, I offer an apology for any distress caused by these postings. They were intended to be helpful but unfortunately they were not.

On the other hand, do I believe that Heaven speaks to mankind? Yes, I do, and there are many solid examples such as Lourdes, France, Guadalupe, Mexico, Akita, Japan, LaSalette, France, and Fatima, Portugal, all to our great benefit.
There are others currently active and awaiting study by the Church before approval. These include Ecuador, Medjugorje, and Venezuela. This invites the question: why is this happening? Simply because modern Man has walked away from his creator and made himself the center of the universe. We all know where this leads and this is precisely why we are offered Heavenly assistance in our time, to learn how to live according to the Divine Will.

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