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LOL! Exactly, Tec. 193 unelected “leaders” PLUS the glorious socialist enabler-supreme that no one can criticize, all showing us the way into our wondrous futures.

(as I shuffle away into the night, mumbling something barely audible about places where the sun don’t shine, and what they can do with their global goals, etc. …)

I’ve gotta say though, I’m really rather P.O.’d that the prophecies didn’t come true about all the stuff that was supposed to happen with this final blood moon tonight, and things that were supposed to happen while the Pope was still in town. I was kind of looking forward to a quick, calamitous end to things, rather than having to suffer through the long, drawn out collapse of the economy, society, government, etc. My wife and I have been thinking that a good option might be for a meteor to hit dead center on our house as we sleep. Oh well, hope springs eternal, and all that….