Im a christian , but he has no place to go to our government and lecture us , we should not have even entertained it , separation of church and state . I’m not bashing religion , I;m pointing out hypocrisy of the vatican and their head salesman . Religion is a personal thing , keep it to ourselves , Christians cant seem to mind their own business , Muslims kill to inflict theirs on people , the Jews dont do either one , they stay to themselves and dont give a hoot about converts or spreading their faith , hats off to them for it .
Another thing I’m getting tired of hearing , is that this country was built by immigrants .This country was created from subjects of the British crown . America was not created by the 13 french colonies , not russians , not mexican , not chinese , it was created by the 13 BRITISH colonies . Another thing people dont want to point out , is that up until recently in our history , we had quotas for immigration to keep our culture and ethnic balance intact , some people were just not allowed in for any reason . It was better that way . Every nation has immigrants , but they dont make the country . They contribute to the nation , only if they assimilate , and reject their own culture in favor of the adopted nations culture and customs , otherwise they are a liability , as Europe is quickly finding out . Host countries dont owe anybody moving in anything , and have a right , and justification to be intolerant if the people moving in refuse to blend .
As far as the indians go , they were too busy fighting each other to cooperate against a common enemy , we are not exactly talking Aztec and Mayan empires here , more like countless small tribes generally uncooperative with each other. Just Sayin