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I won’t miss him a bit. With that said, I just can’t help the strong feeling that there is much more behind this. And what seems additionally odd to me is that if he’s so into doing the right thing, why did he tell the voters in his district – which he says mean a lot to him – that he doesn’t intend to carry out the mandate THEY gave him. They sent him to Washington to represent them, and he just walked away from that. Resigning as Speaker doesn’t require kicking his constituents to the curb. Why that too? If he says it’s to avoid being a distraction, that’d be a cop out. He merely needs to get a spine and say, “No, I’m no longer Speaker, and I’m not going to participate in this (or that) discussion,” and walk away. If he chose to, he could act like any freshman congressman, and still represent the interests of his district – if that was really his motive ….