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Good for you 74. A wood stove can literally be a lifesaver in a northern climate. Buy more wood than you think you’ll need.

I’m heading off for my trip to Oyster Bay on Long Island. I have a good time on this annual junket but it makes me feel trapped down there nonetheless being you have to go through NYC to get off the island. In an emergency the limited ferry service to CT isn’t going to help very many people. It’s about 50 degrees here and we’re at the point where daytime highs are 60’s/70’s and nighttime lows 30’s/40’s and even warmer down there so here I am in shorts and short sleeves putting some winter attire in my truck just in case I were to be stranded and had to hoof it home. I threw in my bolt cutter which I don’t normally do but it was on my mind. Sometimes I envy the clueless who never have to think about these things.