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GS, displays such as with that 5 year old is such poor scripting as to make it obvious it was scripted, and yet the media doesn’t call them out on it. The whole politics-media cabal is theater for the masses, and the masses accept it all as real. It is a Brave New World indeed, as if people are incapable of actually thinking anymore.

74, it is the expectation of equal outcomes vs equal opportunity that is driving many of them. There was an article in the paper the other day about the whole white privilege – racism thing that was using as evidence the fact that whereas blacks are about 1% of the Vermont population they account for about 5% of the prison population. The only possible reason for that according to the do-gooders is racism. Somehow in all their analysis they missed the fact that a major chunk of the black prison population is made up of out-of-state drug dealers that were caught in Vermont. They come up from NYC, Albany, NY, and Springfield/Holyoke, MA and aren’t the brightest bulbs on the porch, hence getting caught. Last year in an article even a local black guy in the nearby larger town got called out for saying the problem is out-of-state drug dealers. That doesn’t fit the agenda of white privilege/white racism.