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GS, I don’t have one of those sealers and can see how nice they can be. My wife has one of those cheap Ziploc manual ones that she has used before putting some things in the freezer, but it is nowhere at the level of what you have.

Whirli, one of the things I haven’t tried yet is growing shoots during the winter so as to get fresh greens. I have bought some supplies to do so but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I had never heard of watermelon jelly and had to look that one up. It sounds good. In lieu of an electric blender post-SHTF, I imagine using a potato masher would do the trick. My guess is that post-SHTF we’ll all learn how to preserve things we hadn’t thought of before. It is a little tough to grow watermelons this far north but no harm no foul for folks to try if they’ve got a little extra space.

For those of you who have fireplaces, a good prep to have for using it to cook is a crane. http://www.rumford.com/store/cranes.html The ones I posted here are rather pricey. You can find them for far less or even have one made by a blacksmith for a lot less. We had a Rumford fireplace in our last house and I went to a blacksmith to get one. Get some hooks to so as to be able to adjust the height of the pots. Of course you will need cast iron pots for cooking in a fireplace. You can’t go wrong with Lodge products made in the US. https://www.lodgemfg.com/. It is pricey but if you shop around you can save some money. I had bought some stuff at an outlet store I came across. Good cast iron will last a lifetime and then some. Some stoneware would come in handy too.

When I have time I’ll post some notes about the hearth cooking classes I took a few years back.

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