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Well, I can only say thank you for the explanation. I think I will leave it at that, as it does not at all square with my understanding and solid beliefs about revelation, authority, etc. And while I have no way of knowing, I suspect you’re quite sincere in what you’re relating. I just see what appears to be internal inconsistency in the messages vs. the position the Catholic Church claims in the world, and the authority of its appointed leaders. And as for referring to Fr. Esseff as lower ranking, I was referring to position within the priesthood line of authority. There are multiple ranks of authority well above him, such as Cardinals and the Pope himself. Relatively speaking, he’s not “right up there” in a position having authority to speak for the Church itself. And that would seem to be another flaw in this. But that’s only my perception based on my own construct for how things really work, and not something I intended to, nor am I willing to argue. That was never my intent. So I’ll leave it here with a simple thank you for the explanation.