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What’s very troubling is that in among all the half-truths favorable to him, he’s also got some rather solid truths that are not favorable to us (thank you Hillary and Barack, particularly, but as much as I want to like George W., I simply cannot give him a pass on so many things). We at least had stability in Libya, and at least tentative security of large amounts of very scary weapons under Ghadaffi. We didn’t even have a sham “consent of Congress” to go in there, let alone a declaration of war. Iraq? Sorry, but I never believed we should have gone in there the 2nd time. If Daddy Bush didn’t see fit to take out Saddam the first time, the justification to go in the 2nd time was just not there. Al Qaeda wasn’t there in 2003, yet we were supposedly going in because of 9/11. And people bought that explanation! Afghanistan? That operation far exceeded the mission of going after Osama, and we DID proceed to do nation building. We didn’t learn from the Soviet experience there either. Then we created a vacuum in Iraq when we pulled out altogether, and badly mismanaged things in Afghanistan under Obama as well. And Putin is at least speaking truth when he reminds people that refugees are coming from all over, not just Syria, and Russia can’t be blamed for most of the other sources (unless we want to blame them for the impossible task of not cleaning up Afghanistan in the 80s).

Very, very interesting video, Tolik. But in many respects it also doesn’t surprise me a bit.

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