Georgia Saint
Back to you from where I was deleted at midnight last night.
From your brief history it sounds like you are blessed indeed. Coming to the light from spiritual darkness is a great gift. Maybe you had a grandma praying for you to discover the important mission that the Father has for you. That is also something one could pray about.
I too was puzzled why there are no disclosed identities on the “locutions” website but finally accepted it and decided to go along to see where it might lead. Apparently you know about Msgr. John Esseff having been involved, probably as spiritual director for the messenger. His dropping out of the picture seemed like a bad sign and some made it out to be so. However, I have a friend, who has a friend, who knows Msgr. Esseff. BTW, Esseff is not a low-ranking priest (no priest is “low-ranking”, all having been beckoned by Jesus Himself) He assures us that Fr. Esseff is still very much involved. You can go to http://www.msgrjohnesseff.net/
and listen to some of his podcasts to get the essence of his orthodoxy. Another reason for keeping the locutions operation simple is avoid having people trying to contact the messenger, requesting favors, or asking for special questions to be presented to Mary. Then there are those who will probe identities to find something in the messenger’s background to discredit them with. Also, an organization would have to be set up to answer thousands of emails. While I can see it from this point of view, it does remain a bit of an unanswered question.
You might recall that most apparitions are to children. Fatima, Lourdes, LaSalette,
Mdjugorje, Our Lady of Good Hope, etc. as opposed to ordained clergy in the Church. Children do not debate the messages with Mary, or go back and try to second guess motives, and will obediently and accurately convey the message to the higher ups. When the Church hierarchy does get involved it is often an attempt to point out that the content is not of Divine origin. And such revelations are usually never approved until they are concluded. The Church does not want to be blindsided by some additional erroneous message given after official approval.
Mary frequently states that the Heavenly Father has entrusted some particular project to Her and has given Her the authority and power to carry it out. She reflects the light of the Most Holy Trinity upon the world, and does not create Her own programs. This is evident in the locution messages.
When I suggested that acceptance of the message about the collapse was “fail safe” I meant that if it did not happen as foretold we would not be any worse off physically or financially. The failure to materialize would only show that these messages are to be discredited, which would not be anything unusual in today’s flakey culture. This should not impact one’s basic faith.
Here is another reference to an economic collapse by Our Lady, given in Ecuador
on September 21st. :
Children, do not search out other paths, face the Truth that was concealed from you, that to those who are deciding the fate of humanity it is necessary for the economy to fall, in order to fully take the reins and implement their evil plans, uniting the Powers around the world and thus taking control of all mankind, by means of a single currency, a single Government and a single religion, under the pretext of eliminating the borders, that man himself created. (computer transl.)


We are a few days out from the predicted event. Our protection is in our fervent faith, and holy love.