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Excellent information that we’ll need to “digest” in our own household, as this is an area we’re weak in. One thing that we’ve particularly appreciated having is a Food Saver (vacuum packing device). We got the canning jar adapter for both regular and wide mouth, but agree with you, MB, that the wide mouth is the way to go. We learned that you can substantially preserve the long shelf life of any freeze dried foods (including meats) when you open #10 cans, by distributing those cans into multiple canning jars and then using the Food Saver to vacuum seal them again (that info came directly from one of the long term food storage companies, but I can’t remember which one off hand). With a limited amount of electricity, you can do a lot with a vacuum packer. Just another option to consider.

We’ve had an older model (no longer available) V2860 for years, and love it, but the currently available Game Saver Deluxe (V3270) appears to be substantially the same machine with a much better warranty (10 years). It has a port, and comes with the accessory hose that allows use of the canning jar attachments (regular lid and wide mouth lid – just choose size on the product page).

There are expensive plastic canisters that can also be purchased, but we’ve rarely used ours. Generally 1- and 2-quart canning jars are great! Just make sure the rim on the jar is completely clean and the rubber ring on the lid is completely clean and dry (especially no oil or grease) before sealing. You put the lid on the jar, the attachment with hose attached over the lid and jar, and vacuum away using the “Canister” setting. Then pull off the attachment and you’ve got a nicely vacuum sealed jar of whatever. The screw-on cap that usually goes on a canning jar simply isn’t needed. Of course the continuous length bags can be great for some items too (there’s a built-in cutter that allows you to size a bag to any length you want, depending on what you’re saving). And this unit will allow vacuum sealing of veggies, not just game meats, just like our model will.

We’ve run ours with our Goal Zero (small Sherpa50 unit with inverter) battery pack just to make sure it will work if/when we need it, and it runs just fine without lowering the battery charge virtually at all.