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For those that may not have seen it, be aware that Dr. Carson did an extensive Q&A session in Ohio this morning, answering questions about and explaining his too-brief statements on Muslims running for President. I did not get any impression that he was back-peddling even the slightest, and in fact he stated exactly that – he stands by what he said a couple of days ago. But when one hears his expanded explanation and logic for his statements, there is no way a normal, reasonably minded adult with decent intelligence could legitimately disagree with him. He nailed it! He said he’s gotten contacted by a large number of Muslims he’s personally worked with, operated with, operated ON, etc., in strong support of his position, because they understand where he’s coming from. His basic point is that Sharia law requires drastic things that are in absolute opposition to the U.S. Constitution (he mentioned such things as death as a penalty for homosexuality, as one of several examples). Thus, he reasons, if a Muslim does not renounce Sharia law, he simply could not support a Muslim running for office. He rather obliquely stated that the other day, but in such a way that it could be easily interpreted the way the other Republican candidates and the news media have chosen to interpret it for their own political purposes.

Bottom line: it appears Dr. Carson has an excellent grasp on the situation, and is willing to speak his mind, instead of the lily-livered, flip-flop approach taken by other candidates, and by the media. He even stated that one of the very biggest problems we face now is the P.C. movement that shuts down any reasonable discussion in order to entrench these destructive concepts within our society. Regardless of anything else anyone thinks of Carson, today’s Q&A session was very instructive and intelligent. It should be viewed in its entirety, not just snippets (like the media is so fond of using). He clearly understands the concern shared here.