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I think that language proficiency as well as true and demonstrated desire to be integrated into the host society should be mandatory. People should always respect the country that accepts them and that means respect the rules and customs as they find them and not wanting to change them to the detriment of the native citizens. It’s the newcomer who should primarily have to adapt, not the country that gives them job and life opportunities. Of course, respect must be earned and that goes both ways, however it’s common for newcomers to come shouting and demanding rights and things to change to favor them, and anyone opposing this is immediately called racist for no apparent reason other than calling out the obvious. Apart from that, while empathizing with the average person in a crisis, domestic or international, it’s also about numbers – influx of people that a country may not be able to support without destroying its own infrastructure, and money needed to be able to deal with such events that are not a one-off, but constantly pour into the country. In any case it’s a mess, and Greece is no different on that respect.

With regards to an update, Greece has just had elections as you probably know and contrary to certain predictions, the same people remain as government (Syriza- Anel) with 35.43%. The small party (Lae) didn’t make it to the parliament as their ideas to go back to drachma without having a solid plan for the day after failed to infuence a lot of people. Potami also saw its numbers significantly lessened and will have to reassess its own line. New Democracy (ND), the largest percentage that came (28.1%) second with about 7% difference in voters, will also have a change in leadership by November as they deem that new faces are needed to convince larger numbers of people. PASOK said it was pleased to have achieved their own small percentage (6.28%) but unless they cooperate with other middle ground parties and unless they clear their own name (involved with great corruption scandals like ND), it will be unclear whether it will have a true future in the parliament. The communist party (KKE) seemed neither strengthened nor weakened, keeping to about 5.5%. Third party was the Golden Dawn with 6.99%, a percentage that surprised many despite of the refugee crisis. Leventis in EK (enosi kentroon) got about 3.4% and entered the parliament for the first time.

It’s too early to say more but more updates will follow as more data will come apparent in the following days.