74 , I also lived in Maine , southern part around Biddeford/Portland , I would still take Maine over Minnesota or Michigan , thats much worse . Still better than the Southwest , hot , hotter , and even hotter , with land that cant support a jack rabbit , that is truly a place unfit for human habitation . I can tell you first hand that its far easier to keep warm than cool off , then there is the lack of water problem . AZ/NM are the worst , no pride in workmanship in the trades , high crime rates , everybody is a drifter or transplant , lot of f*cked up people . The AZ state motto should be
” Land of liberty and low standards ” , if it was not for federal building codes , they would not have any standards at all , that why California contractors love doing work there , anything goes , crap that wouldnt fly in their own state and most others .