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It probably was the same storm. We lost power for 3 days at our home in MA and it gave me a good test run of a small wood stove that I had installed in the basement a year or so prior. It was a cooktop unit and I was able to cook simple foods on it OK. The real intent of the woodstove was so as to send some heat up the center stairwell, keeping the pipes from freezing. After that storm it wasn’t all that cold (30’s/40’s) and so the pipes weren’t in imminent danger but I could see that the stairwell “chimney” was adding some heat to the upstairs and at the same time the basement was plenty warm to wait out the return of electricity. I had a heck of a mess in the yard though. I spent a whole day hauling 14 pickup truck loads of limbs to the dump and then had to hire a professional the following year (when I could find someone…they all had more business than they could handle) to finish the higher up stuff I couldn’t get to and to take down one tree altogether that was too badly damaged.