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I finally got around to placing my seed order last night. Some things are backordered which is fine given it’s for next year. Though I have a lot of seeds packed away in the basement, last night’s order is in larger quantities than I really need. Just a little insurance policy in case things go south in the next year. If they did I’d of course save seeds, but having professionally prepared seeds from a supplier in Northern VT is a good thing. Older seeds from the past few years that I have tucked away may not have as good a germination rate and that’s OK too as it doesn’t need to be 100% to get things going. I am now much more carefully choosing varieties that have better storage characteristics and/or yields. I’m also making better choices in erring on the side of veggies that can readily be preserved vs more truly seasonal items. I also picked up a couple bales of straw for wintering over my strawberry patches and cranberries, plus a bunch of bagged cow manure for use where needed. I’ll be buying other supplies this autumn as I get around to places. Only one of the three blueberry bushes I bought last autumn made it so I’ll pick up a couple more.